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Our Core Competency

Be it troubleshooting a system balancing problem, flushing a system of moisture, complete tear-down of screw / reciprocating compressor or a yearly maintenance problem, we have done it all.
Some of the jobs we have done includes;
1)   Overhauling screw compressor of various brands
2)   Overhauling reciprocating compressor of various brands
3)   Yearly maintenance program of refrigeration plant
With a well balanced team of Engineer with various background and experiences, we have also taken on complex jobs like;
1)   Modification of EKC controller system
2)   Flushing of refrigeration system contaminated with air and moisture
3)   Defrost time planning

Why Choose Us?


Refrigeration problems? Why bother yourself and get a headache? Talk to "Major”, we will solve the problem for you.

Major Refrigeration Engineering have provided technical solution to various plants and companies throughout Southeast Asia. Our customers are satisfied and happy for the services we have provided them!